The True Judges

================================================== About to suffer death at the hands of his ignorant worldly judges, Socrates longs for better judges in the next life. He mentions three.

Minos is said to have been the son of Zeus and Europa. He ruled as a king of the island of Crete before the onset of the Trojan War. He is reported to have been the first to civilize the residents of his island and to rule over them with justice. Both he and his brother sat in judgment over the souls of the dead in the Underworld.

Rhadamanthus is the brother of Minos. He was well known for his wisdom and justice. For example, he organized the Cretin Code which later served as a model for Greek cities. He was so skilled that he was awarded the role of judge, along with his brother, in the afterlife.

Aeacus, son of Zeus and the Nymph Aegina, was known for his piety and integrity. He was said to have judged between the gods. According to later legends, upon his death, he assisted Minos and Rhadamanthus in the judgments made in the Underworld.