Hephaestus, son of Zeus and Hera, is the god of fire, the forge, and metalworking. He is the Rodney Dangerfield of the gods - he got no respect!

By one account, Zeus threw him out of Mount Olympus because he sided with Hera during a family argument. Being the greatest of the Olympian gods, Zeus tossed him so far that it took Hephaestus an entire day (and 150 miles) to reach ground. He finally landed on the island of Lemnos, hitting so hard that it left him permanently lame.

When inventions, rather than divine etiquette, were necessary, however, Hephaestus showed his genius. To get back into Olympus he fashioned a golden throne for Hera, complete with concealed chains. When she sat on the throne she was bound hand and foot. Because no one could release her, the gods had no choice but to beg Hephaestus to return. Dionysus, that "wild and crazy" god of wine, got him drunk and Haephaestus rode triumphantly into Olympus on the back of a jackass!

Statue of Hephaestus (holding a hammer?)
Obtained from Mythology and Western Art