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Primary Texts (Translations)



  • Apología de Sócrates from PÁGINA SOBRE FILOSOFÍA by Francisco Conde (Spain)
  • Critón from PÁGINA SOBRE FILOSOFÍA by Francisco Conde (Spain)
  • Eutifrón from PÁGINA SOBRE FILOSOFÍA by Francisco Conde (Spain)
  • Fedón from PÁGINA SOBRE FILOSOFÍA by Francisco Conde (Spain)


Greek Texts

  • Apology from The Perseus Project Tufts University
  • Crito from The Perseus Project Tufts University
  • Euthyphro from The Perseus Project Tufts University
  • Phaedo from The Perseus Project Tufts University


On-line Concordances


Secondary Texts

  • Burnet, John. "The Life of Socrates" in Greek Philosophy Part I: Thales to Plato. Macmillan: London, 1914. (forthcoming)
  • ________. "The Philosophy of Socrates" in Greek Philosophy Part I: Thales to Plato. Macmillan: London, 1914. (forthcoming)
  • ________. "The Trial and Death of Socrates" in Greek Philosophy Part I: Thales to Plato. Macmillan: London, 1914. (forthcoming)
  • Guthrie, W. K. C. "The Reaction Towards Humanism (The Sophists and Socrates)" in The Greek Philosophers: From Thales to Aristotle. London: Methuen & Company, 1950.
  • Martin, Thomas. "The Prosecution of Socrates" from Overview of Archaic and Classical Greek History (Perseus Project)
  • Taylor, A. E. "Socratic Dialogues" in Plato: The Man and his Work. London: Methuen & Company, 1926. (forthcoming)
  • Winspear, Alban D. and Tom Silverberg, Who Was Socrates? (1940). Courtesy of Grover Furr of Montclair State University


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Other Related Internet Sites

  • The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy by James Fieser, Ph.D., general editor and Bradley Dowden, Ph.D., philosophy of science and logic editor.
  • Perseus Project a digital library of resources for studying the ancient world.
  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy edited by Edward N. Zaltais is the first dynamic encyclopedia. In a dynamic encyclopedia, each entry is maintained and kept up to date by an expert or group of experts in the field (the authors are given direct electronic access to their entries).
  • The Ancient City of Athens is a photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains of ancient Athens (Greece). It is intended primarily as a resource for students of classical art & archaeology, civilization, languages, and history at Indiana University as a supplement to their class lectures and reading assignments and as a source of images for use in term papers, projects, and presentations.


Searchable Indexes

  • Hippias Limited area search of philosophy on the Internet.


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