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Special thanks to David Kortemeier of the Drama Department for the performance and to Bob Adams of the Computer Science Department for making these recordings. Please consult Research for information about complete audio versions of the Euthyphro, Apology, and Crito.

Socrates' Mission to Athens Apology (29d-30c) This selection is taken from Socrates' first speech to the Athenian jury. He describes his important philosophical mission to Athens and his unwillingness to change his ways. megabytes 3.0 real.gif (1733 bytes)Real Audio (24.4+)

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Socrates' Request, Apology (41e-42a) This selection is from the end of Socrates' third speech to the Athenian jury which takes place right after he has received the death sentence. He instructs the jury how he wants his sons to be raised. 1.00 megabytes real.gif (1733 bytes) Real Audio (24.4+)

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Conclusion of Socrates' Debate with Crito, Crito (54b-54d) While Socrates is in jail waiting for his execution, Crito, one of his friends, comes to him and urges him to escape. They debate whether it is just to flee jail - willingly breaking the laws of the state. Socrates (speaking as if he were the laws of the state interrogating Crito about his suggestion to flee) summarizes why escaping would be wrong. 1.3 megabytes real.gif (1733 bytes) Real Audio (24.4+)

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Art Gallery
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Daniel Nicholas Chodowiecki
[The death of Socrates?], 18th - 19th century
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Jacques-Louis David [The Death of Socrates], 1787 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Socrates: Philosophy's Martyr

Johann Friedrich Greuter Socrates (?) and His Students, after Giovanni..., 17th century
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Antoine Louis Romanet Aglae, 18th - 19th centuryFine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Pietro Testa ( il Lucchesino)
The Symposium, 1648
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco




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Eukiddenme   A little-known Platonic dialogue known only from fragments of documents from the archives of KFC.

The Death of Socrates (humor)








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For an unabridged dramatic reading of the Euthyphro, Apology, and Crito, contact Agora Publications, Inc., 17 Dean Street, Millis, MA 02054.