================================================== Bringing Gifts to Troy Ancient Troy was located in northwest Asia Minor only a few miles from the entrance to the Dardanelles. According to Greek poetry, the Trojan, Paris, took the beautiful Helen (the woman with the face that would launch a thousand ships) back to Troy despite the fact that she was married to Menelaus. Some traditions imply she went freely while others imply she was forced.

In any event, Agamemnon, seeking to avenge this affront to his brother Menelaus, draws together those Greek princes owing him allegiance and sets sail to attack Troy. There they laid siege to the well fortified city in a ten year campaign marked by various successes and failures. Eventually it took a clever trick, a large wooden horse seeming left as tribute by the fleeing Greeks but really containing Greek warriors in its belly, to defeat the Trojans. And, thus, the source of the cliche, "beware of Greeks bearing gifts."

Artist: Ru Dien-Jen

Map of Ancient Greece