Cup of Poison

================================================== Prison Cups Socrates' execution requires that he drink a cup of hemlock. Found in Europe and parts of Asia, hemlock is a poisonous herb that looks a great deal like parsley. You would not, however, want this "fool's-parsley" dressing the side of your dinner plate!

It is bad enough that Socrates is unjustly sentenced to death, but to carry out his own execution is a bit much! Indeed, for many of us, it would seem that he is committing suicide. Bear in mind, however, that a sense of honor meant something different in his day than it does in our own. It would have been unthinkable for Socrates to have been forced to consume the deadly brew or for him to go to his death like a coward, kicking and screaming.

Pharmaceutical Vials for Preparing Hemlock
Steven S. Tigner